01. What is 'Of Clocks and Clouds' by Wet Rabbit?

It's a concept album. The title itself is borrowed from a philosophical essay with the same title by Karl Popper. 
(In case you want to read it, you can find the full text on Rafe Champion's homepage here.)

02. Why is this a concept album? What is the concept?

The concept builds on Popper's essay which aims at the problem of 'Free Will vs Determinism' where he advocates an indeterministic solution. And just as the essay, the concept is also centered around the more broad philosophical problem of 'Open Thinking vs Closed Thinking'. 

03. So there are sound philosophical arguments in the lyrics?

No. I don't know how to put such arguments into the lyrics. Those are at best poetric reflections on some important philosophical problems. 

04. Do you advocate popperian philosophy with your music?

Yes I do to an extent, but I only use it as a starting point. I advocate my own take on some problems like the 'Explanatory gap', 'The problem of other minds' but most importantly I just try to describe my own feelings about living in world surrounded by closed thinking humans (aka robots).

05. What type of music do you play?

I call it electronic progressive rock, but you can judge it yourself. 

06. Why is it electronic?

Because I use a lot of synthesizers. Now that wouldn't make it too electronic but most importantly I've exchanged the bass guitar for bass synthesizer. 

07. Why is it progressive?

I try to marry rock music with electronic music my own way. To me it's a bit different from how it was usually done before, and I also think this idea can be explored further in the future.

08. Why is it rock?

I've kept the human drums. I've kept the long guitar solos. What else is needed to call it rock?

09. Who plays the instruments on the album?

I do everything on my own, with the exception of two songs for which the piano parts were written and played by Kinga Szabó.

10. Do you play live?

Not currently. In the future, maybe.